Polarized optical microscope


Model name


■ Temperature controller


        laser-scanning microscope

 Rubbing machine

 Electro-optic measurement system

■ Atomic Force Microscope

Research Application

Polarized optical microscope

LV100POL / Nikon (JAPAN)





- Fluorescence mode observe the emission wavelength depending on  the specific absorption of the sample.

Differential interference contrast (DIC) mode observe the interference from two different linearly polarized lights when they pass through the sample. 

- Fluorescent sample, cells and biomaterials can be analyzed.

- Dark field mode

Observe reflection/transmission based on Dark-Field


- D.I.C mode

Observe transmission D.I.C. / Phase contrast


- Polarized / fluorescence mode

Reflection/transmission (Bright field/polarizing/fluorescence)


 UV-Vis spectrometer


Observe reflection/transmission based on Dark-Field


Objective Lens

X10, X20, X50

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