This is a course about the science of soft nanomaterials such as liquid crystals, biopolymers, biological membranes, polymers, block copolymers, molecular monolayers, colloids, nano-particles, and other soft nanomaterials.

01 Week: Nanochemistry basics - Introduction

02 Week: Nanobuilding blocks: organic - Soft nanomaterials

03 Week: Nanobuilding blocks: organic - Carbon material

04 Week: Nanobuilding blocks: nanoparticles

05 Week: Nano-characterization- Diffraction Ⅰ

06 Week: Nano-characterization- Diffraction Ⅱ

07 Week: Nano-characterization- Diffraction Ⅲ

08 Week: Mid-term exam

09 Week: Nano-characterization- Microscopy 

10 Week: Nano-characterization- Microscopy Ⅱ

11 Week: Nano-characterization- Spectroscopy 

12 Week: Nano-characterization- Spectroscopy 

13 Week: Nanoapplications

14 Week: Nanoapplications - Term project

15 Week: Nanoapplications - Term project

16 Week: Final exam

01 Week: Introduction What is soft nanomaterial?

02 Week: Basic properties in soft nanomaterials

03 Week: Basic properties in soft nanomaterials

04 Week: Phase transitions

05 Week: Colloidal dispersions Ⅰ

06 Week: Colloidal dispersions Ⅱ

07 Week: Polymers Ⅰ

08 Week: Polymers Ⅱ & Mid-term exam

09 Week: Gelation

10 Week: Liquid crystals Ⅰ

11 Week: Liquid crystals Ⅱ

12 Week: Liquid crystals Ⅲ

13 Week: Self-assembly

14 Week: Soft nanomaterials in nature Ⅰ

15 Week: Soft nanomaterials in nature Ⅱ

16 Week: Final exam

■ Introduction to Nano-chemistry (Spring)

Nanochemistry is probably most promising part of science today. In this course, we will deal with an overview of its many aspects while not driving you to distraction with technical talk. We will explore not only the concepts behind nanochemistry but also how it's being applied in the real world. Besides, we will take several glimpses into the future to explain many things.

■ Introduction to Soft Nanomaterials (Fall)

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